YUMTCHA CONCEPT at Bambudha (loosely translated to drink tea) . It combines the culture of sipping tea and dim sum. Inspired by the colors, aromas & sounds of asian street food cultures, we are bringing real street snacks to you. Made fresh from scratch daily. Be mesmerized with the delectable recreations
"No food tastes as good than when you share it with the company you have"

Refined Asian Inspired Pâtisserie 

But we have gone one step ahead. Borne out of Anne’s passion for baking. The dynamism carved out of combining two distinctive culinary WORLDS. The world of Asian culinary diversity and sophisticated European patisseries. A true Yin Yang philosophy applied. The fusion of European flair and subtle flavors of Asia.

Asian Street Food

Asian cities are dotted with streets selling amazing snacks . We are trying to recreate the same taste and the feeling that is associated with it


Fun, harmonious & soulful. Our food has been created with these three critical ingredients in mind. The freshness of produce, the distinctive flavors of spices, the fragrance of the herbs used and the passion behind cooking the dish is supposed to bring out the fun in eating. With varied style of cooking spread across the varied region, it is easy to get lost. Our focus have been to create dishes with a blend of style and taste to bring in harmony to the flavors. We believe that our food should touch the soul.

Our Asian Inspired Quenchers

We have a good collection of Asian inspired beverages for you. from Vietnamese Egg Coffee to Pistachio Latte and many more. Mango & Kale Smoothie will sure fire your imagination. 
Phoenix & Dragon Noodles
Yaki Gyoza
Tempura Kale salad
Teppan yaki beef tenderloins