Consultancy Promote entrepreneurship on ecotourism with cultural identity led by Indigenous women in Panama as part of PEMIP

The Government worked to improve refugees’ access to health care. The Electoral Tribunal offered training on steps for changing names and gender within the civil registry. A system for all people to change their names without need for proof or a lawyer had been implemented. The Family Code specified that marriage was contracted between a man and a woman, but the law on adoption stipulated that single persons could apply for adoption. The Government had created an educational social assistance programme that benefitted more than 750,000 students enrolled in the public education sector. In 2021, this benefit had been increased by 25 per cent, reaching 911,568 students with an investment of approximately 276 million United States dollars.

Typically 5-7 business days for domestic shipments, business days for international shipments. Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado has over 20 years’ experience in consulting, development, and implementation of public policies in Latin America. She became the first woman elected Vice-President in Panama.

  • I am grateful for the chance to learn about Nene and her medicines.
  • Larger towns in the central provinces hold rodeos for cowboys almost every Sunday.
  • Panama celebrates two independence days, on 3 November from Colombia and on 28 November from Spain.
  • The Kuna roast bananas and boil them in a soup dish that consists of water squeezed through grated coconut meat, fish, and fowl or a game meat.
  • It’s a very colorful documentary that offers an insider’s view of the medicine woman traditions.
  • However, there is almost no feminist movement, and relations between the sexes are traditionally Hispanic, with a double standard for sexual relations.

If you go deeper, you’ll understand this idea has several flaws. First of all, it’s the price—a 1-week trip to Panama will cost you at least $900 ($500 for hotels, entertainment, and food +$400 for tickets). To be fair, it’s pretty difficult to find a Panamanian girl who would have serious intentions this way.

The Comprehensive Development Plan for Indigenous Peoples of Panama project published the Diagnosis of the Situation of Indigenous Women in Panama in 2017. This elevated indigenous women’s voices in development projects and policies. The contribution included seven indigenous ethnic groups in Panama to provide greater visibility to the concerns, challenges and proposals of indigenous women. Additionally, the diagnosis addressed political participation, female indigenous migration, sexual and reproductive health, violence, education and economic conditions. Therefore, this created an institutional framework for Panama to support women’s rights, women’s wellbeing and the local community.

A group of women backguards wearing the traditional costume of… © 2023 – All Rights Reserved. There are nearly 10 million Romanian women, and a lot of them are single. Though Romania still hardly can be considered one of the mainstream … You will have to marry her within 90 days of her arrival.

The pension system included a disability allowance, an old-age pension, and pensions for survivors, widowers and orphans. The pension system ensured economic balance and helped households to mitigate the effects of inflation. The Ministry of Labour and Development received complaints about workplace discrimination and responded to those complaints after a month of consideration.

Community Involvement and Pro Bono

I accompanied Paula on several of her visits, offering a few shooting hints as she captured an ancient healing tradition that has rarely been filmed or photographed. Yui Hasegawa of Japan in action during the Women’s international friendly match between Japan and Panama at the National Stadium on April 11, 2021 in…


Therefore, there is a clear need and opportunity to support the implementation of activities related to entrepreneurship and financial inclusion and capitalize on the positive results that Objective 2 has already achieved. Objective 3 will keep strengthening Indigenous Women through the implementation of some additional PEMIP’s activities including engaging in the tourism value chain, which looks to be the most promising for achieving impact. The Attorney General had a prosecutor for indigenous affairs. The prosecutor had established two units that supported indigenous women and girls who were victims of violence. When reports of violence were received, crisis support was provided to victims and their families.

In 1989 U.S. troops overthrew the country’s leader Gen. Manuel Noriega after he was found to be involved in drug trafficking. Panama’s first woman president, Mireya Moscoso, was elected a few years later. Under the constitution, there are three branches of government, including the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. Panamanians elect a president and a vice president every five years. Most of Panama’s national holidays are religious occasions. Legislation and Government policies were facilitating the deinstitutionalisation of children; 115 children had been deinstitutionalised in 2019, and this had increased to 348 children in 2022.

Panamanian Women Grinding Corn

Thus, the total fertility rate is around 2.4 in Panama, which means an average Panamanian girl would have 2–3 children during her lifetime. Some Panamanian women occupy high positions in the field of the professions, education, and government service. Panama had a female president as their national leader, in the person of Mireya Moscoso, who was Panama’s first female president, serving from 1999 to 2004. Young women in Panama, particularly those who are single, are regarded as persons with “very high symbolic status”, including giving them roles as Carnaval Queens. One particular example of this type of reverence of female adolescents is the celebration of the inna suid by the Kuna Indians, which is a three-day celebration of the adolescent girls’ coming of age.

Plans were in place to define violence against women within legislation. Act 82 created specialised programmes for supporting female victims of violence and a specialised police unit dealt with gender-based violence. An economic assistance programme funded primary and secondary education for child victims of violence.

Panama inherited from Colombia a binary system of liberals versus conservatives, both of which agreed on opposition to the presence of the United States in the Canal Zone. In 1940, these were eclipsed by a nationalist movement led by Arnulfo Arias, who employed fascist rhetoric and methods and was deposed during World War II. Elected again decades later, Arias was deposed again. Omar Torrijos, a military leader, instituted a corporatist, welfare-oriented state with a new constitution that declared him as head of government above a subservient president and cabinet. Although there was a legislative assembly and local councils throughout the republic, the regime was largely a command structure. It borrowed funds from abroad to build an infrastructure, including electrification and education, and united the public behind its effort to gain control of the canal. Torrijos died in a plane crash in 1981, and shortly after his death the military leader Manuel Noriega took over the civil government. After refusing to recognize the results of the 1989 elections, Noriega had the legislature declare him president.

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