Timothy Spangler: Plight of Yemens child brides

She was crying; the new reality of her situation weighed heavily on her. That’s been changing lately, and later this month, the Yemeni parliament is set to vote on whether to impose a minimum-marriage age of 17 for women and 18 for men. More than one-quarter of girls in Yemen are married before the age of 15, according to a 2009 study by the government’s Ministry of Social Affairs, but they rarely come forward to protest or complain.

Other programs have addressed child marriage less directly through a variety of programming related to girls’ empowerment, education, sexual and reproductive health, financial literacy, life skills, communication skills, and community mobilization. In the UK girls as young as 12 have been smuggled in to be brides of men in the Muslim community, according to a 2004 report in The Guardian. Girls trying to escape this child marriage can face death because this breaks the honor code of her husband and both families.

  • When a marriage proposal was offered last year by the family of a boy of Fawzia’s age, Husn accepted.
  • Many girls are married when they are between 12 and some as young as 8 or 9 — to men they’ve never met.
  • There is still no clear law regulating the minimum age for marriage in Yemen and many girls are forced to marry at ages considered too young to allow for their consent.
  • Children in the United States who need to prevent or leave a forced marriage can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

‘” she says, explaining the group’s suspicion that she was being used as a puppet by a foreign country or NGO. Al Ahdal and her uncle appealed to the Yemeni Ministry of Interior, which, in conjunction with a child welfare organisation, detained her for 10 days during negotiations with members of the family. What she was yet to learn, Al Ahdal says, was that the marriage had already been formalised. When discussing the subject, she does not rule out the possibility of dating but it is clearly a distant priority even as a woman now at the age of 20. The song is by Abu Bakr Salem and was inspired by the moment friends spotted his son, then nine, in intimate conversation with a girl his age. After fleeing her homeland, she lived in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Kenya, never remaining more than a year because she was either not allowed to study or did not have the right to stay. The journey to save herself propelled the young Al Ahdal to international attention, with interest sustained ever since by the campaign she leads to give victims an escape route like the one her uncle Abdelsalem provided.

About half of girls (43.1%) reported being 1–5 years younger than their spouses, and a third (33.0%) reported a difference of 6–10 years. Maternal health consequences were explored among https://www.beejays.net/the-new-japanese-woman-modernity-media-and-women-in-interwar-japan-books-gateway-duke-university-press/ married girls aged 10–19, 46.1% of whom had already given birth.

Many sexual activities seen as taboo in Western cultures are viewed appropriate by the native culture. One of these differences is that children are introduced and educated to sex at a very young age. Contact with Western societies has changed many of these customs, so research into their pre-Western social history has to be done by reading antique writings. Children slept in the same room as their parents and were able to witness their parents while they had sex. Intercourse simulation became real penetration as soon as boys were physically able. When a child reaches adulthood, they are educated on sexual techniques by a much older adult.

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but conflict in the country has further compounded the problem and increased the rates of child marriage

Chairman of the Human Rights Committee at the Shoura Council, Dr. Hadi Al-Yami, said that introduced controls were based on in-depth studies presented to the body. He pointed out that the regulation, vetted by the Islamic Affairs Committee at the Shoura Council, has raised the age of marriage to 18 and prohibited it for those under 15. Saudi Arabia has officially updated the law banning all marriages under the age of 18. African countries have enacted marriageable age laws to limit marriage to a minimum age of 16 to 18, depending on the jurisdiction. In Ethiopia, Chad and Niger, the legal marriage age is 15, but local customs and religious courts have the power to allow marriages below 12 years of age.

Women’s rights

Yemen is a party to the key international treaties that protect women’s and girls’ human rights. The World Health Organization found in a multi-country survey on violence against women that married girls between 15 and 19 are more likely to experience domestic violence than older married women. Early pregnancy and childbirth also have adverse consequences for infants.

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In doing so, she draws attention to the limited options that girls have when their families https://foreignbridesguru.com/yemen-brides/ are set on marrying them off. In February, a bill that would set the minimum marriage age at 17 won a majority of votes in the Yemeni parliament. Several prominent sheiks objected, saying it contradicted Islamic law.

According to the book of Charles Pierre Claret de Fleurieu and Étienne Marchand, eight-year-old girls had sex and other unnatural acts in public. The common marriageable age established by the Family Code of Russia is 18 years old. Marriages of persons at age from 16 to 18 years allowed only with good reasons and by local municipal authority permission. Marriage before 16 years old may be allowed by federal subject of Russia law as an exception just in special circumstances. English Ecclesiastical Law forbade the marriage of a girl before the age of puberty.

According to estimates based on surveys by university researchers and development agencies, half of all brides in Yemen are age 18 or younger. The girls’ stories have instigated a campaign against the practice, which is believed to be a consequence of widespread poverty as parents unable to provide for their children give, and in some cases sell, them into matrimony. The Haryana state government in India operated a program in which poor families were given a financial incentive if they kept their daughters in school and unmarried until age 18. Girls in families who were eligible for the program were less likely to be married before age 18 than their peers. Forcing someone to marry is unlawful, even if the marriage took place outside the Netherlands.