Lego Company Record Production Features

Lego was founded in 1932 by simply Ole Kirk Christiansen, a woodworking father in the tiny Danish community of Billund. His business stumbled during the Great Depression, although Christiansen do not gave up. He experimented with producing miniature prototypes from the products he generally manufactured out of timber, like ladders and ironing boards. Consequently he hit on the concept of using these kinds of blocks to generate toys. He named this company Lego following your Danish phrases leg and godt, which suggest “play very well. ”

Plastic was a new material at that time, and Christiansen’s early products met with put together success. But he was convinced that children required more than just pre-made toys. Using the designing systems of connected with each other toys, like the town arrange and LegoLand. He likewise developed a unique click-coupling program that allows all profano company background production features to interlock.

As the organization grew, it added more pieces and themes to the lineup. Additionally, it increased the production, beginning factories in South Korea, Brazil and in other places. But the organization had it is ups and downs with managing its workforce and with freelancing.

The company had to deal with a lot of serious PR issues as well. Its use Royal Dutch Shell drew criticism as world became more environmentally conscious. Eventually, after pressure from Greenpeace, the company terminated its romance with Shell.