How to Have a Great Board Meeting

A great board meeting next can be a crucial element in the success of your business. Many companies fall into the “if it’s not broken, don’t alter it” trap when it comes to board meetings. That can lead to stale and ineffective meetings that fail to yield results for the company. This article will offer tips on how to run an effective and enjoyable board meeting that benefits your company.

Set the tone for your board meeting at the beginning and closing. A strong opening and a resounding conclusion will set the tone for the remainder of the meeting, thereby creating an atmosphere of unity among the board members. A different location (a restaurant or a program site, for example) will also help energize the conversation.

Limit the number key issues that can be discussed at a time. This keeps the meeting focused on the most important to the company.

Use an app for polling or survey to gauge meeting productivity. You’ll be in a position to discern who is spending too long and who is not speaking enough. Knowing who’s speaking too much enables you to gently redirect the conversation at the appropriate time.

Allow discussion of items not on the agenda, but make sure to follow-up. This will allow your board members to be involved and ensure that the most important issues are not diminished by unnecessary diversions.