Who We Are

The Name, people have associated with quality and great taste. Bambudha is an off shoot of David's Stir Fry Crazy. its a contemporary take on traditional chinese cuisine. But thats not all, south east asian and far eastern cuisine features prominently as well. inspired by THE STREET FOOD culture  experience, AROUND THE ASIAN CITIES we have come up with a myriad slection of delectable COMFORT FOOD for your indulgence.  Seemingly home made, with hand crafted dumplings and noodles, Built from scratch daily, our dishes are made to wow you. but that  WOULD NOT BE ENOUGH, SO WE TWEAKED IT A BIT, ADDED SOME FLAIR AND MADE IT INTO A GOURMET FARE.


BAMBUDHA is the brainchild of the duo Anne &
David. Blending some of the signature dishes with
the recreated flavors of street food found around
every Asian city.
YUMTCHA (loosely translated to drink tea) concept.
It combines the culture of drinking tea and dim sum
(touch the heart). A Cantonese version of the famed
Spanish tapas.
Anne’s passion for baking. A perfect fusion of
European flair with subtle flavor of Asia.

Our À la carte Menu

Fun, harmonious & soulful. Our food has been created with these three critical ingredients in mind. The freshness of produce, the distinctive flavors of spices, the fragrance of the herbs used and the passion behind cooking the dish is supposed to bring out the fun in eating. With varied style of cooking spread across the varied region, it is easy to get lost. Our focus have been to create dishes with a blend of style and taste to bring in harmony to the flavors. We believe that our food should touch the soul.
Grilled Chicken Satay
Vietnamese Salt & Pepper Calamari
HK Black Pepper Beef
Cambodian Squid Salad

Personalized Catering

Be it life's special moments, a social gathering or some events at work, if you are feeling a bit of fine Asian Chinese to grace your event, look no further. Contact us and we will be real thrilled to show you some of our menus or customize one for you.

Delivery Services

We do not use third party delivery services, this is to ensure a more personal approach and the quality of service. Food is delivered before the designated time and it goes straight from the kitchen to your home.