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Vietnamese Chili & Pepper Squid

Rice flour and herbs coated squid, crisp fried and wok fried with chilies and toasted pepper with a hint of sweet basil.

Taiwanese Salty Crispy Chicken (Boneless or Bone-in)

Chunks of chicken marinated in garlic, 5 spices, Chinese vinegar and soy. Coated with sweet potato flour and deep fried. Drizzled with a blend of sea salt and black pepper. Topped with crisp fried basil leaves

Prawn toast with yuzu mayonnaise, coriander and mint

Fresh grounded prawns seasoned with spices and scallion, mounted onto bite size toasts, deep fried and topped with yuzu flavoured mayo. Sprinkled with fresh cut cilantro and mint leaves.

Freddie Prawns/Calamari

Crispy deep-fried battered prawns or calamari coated with a thick 3 G sauce (Ginger, garlic & green chili) and soy.

Roast Duck and Rice Paper Rolls

A True Vietnamese favorite with a little twist. Explosion of flavors guaranteed. Roast Hong Kong Duck wrapped into rice paper with fragrant herbs and spices, tropical lychee and a dab of hoisin and sriracha sauce.

Barbequed Spareribs

A scrumptious dish of tender barbecued ribs coated with thick Hoisin sauce served on cool cucumber strips

salad & Pasta

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Chengdu Chicken

Unique to the province of Sichuan, chicken fillets cooked in a medley of spices, hot red chilies, tongue numbing Sichuan pepper corns and chili bean paste. Sounds Hot.


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“I want my cooking to reflect the rugged nature and climate of the cold north. I want to create a progressive environment that has a emphasis on the outstanding produce of our region.”


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