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Dan Dan Mein-A spicy Sichuan Noodles (Anne’s Favorite)


Be warned! It is hot & spicy. Soft blanched noodles topped with sauteed ground meat with Sichuan pickled veg and herbs. Layered with a rich creamy sauce of sesame paste and chili oil

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Dan Dan Noodle Soup


The popular noodles soup served on the streets of Chongqing. Fresh hand-made noodles cooked in an intensely spiced broth, flavored with herbs, dry shrimps, Szechuan pickled vegetable and a hint of peanuts

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Dan Z Mein


Unique Taiwanese. Fresh hand-made noodles cooked in beef broth accompanied by herbs and fresh vegetable, topped with sauteed & braised ground beef

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Duck and green Mussels Ramen


Soul food at its best. Layers of flavor and textures from the beautiful crafted broth to layers of fine herbs and roasted honey duck with a sublime taste of mussels. The added spices encapsulate the flavors to die for

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Exotic Seafood Laksa Pasta


A South East Asian version of a western dish. Pasta cooked in rich creamy laksa spice sauce with a hint of oregano, topped with grilled scallops, mussels and squid

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Hong Kong Roast Duck Noodle Soup


Herbs & spices infused soup stock poured over freshly made noodles topped with Hong Kong Roast Savory Duck and wok seared Chinese greens Drizzled with toasted sesame served with spiced hoisin sauce

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Malay Prawn Curry Laksa


An intensely flavorful Malaysian dish. Fresh blanched rice noodles cooked in a rich spiced broth with a hint of coconut milk, topped with fluffy fried tofu, beans sprout and spinach

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Phoenix & Dragon Over Noodles Pancake


Traditional egg noodles, pan fried or baked. Crisp on the outside, soft from the inside. Topped with sauteed seasoned chicken & fresh shrimps accompanied with snow peas & bell peppers, with a hint of spices

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Shiitake-and-Scallion Lo Mein


Simple yet flavorful version of American Chinese stir fried noodles. Fresh blanched noodles wok seared with a concoction of fresh herbs, shiitake mushroom, snow peas and scallion. A drizzle of soy and oyster sauce imparts the subtle flavor

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