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Marinated salmon steaks lightly pan-grilled layered with a rich Teri Yaki sauce and garnished with sautéed mushroom.

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Aromatic sweet chili crabs


Fresh crabs powder coated with potato starch, deep fried and sauteed in a rich sweet and aromatic chili­based sauce, deriving flavors from lemon grass and sweet basil.

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Bali Chicken (gluten free)


A Balinese delight. Chicken cooked in an intriguing blend of coconut cream, enriched with hot spices, herbs and macadamia nuts. Fresh green mangoes impart a perfumed aroma to this delectable dish.

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A seamless marriage of fresh Asian green with blanched tofu sticks & shiitake mushroom, braised in clay pot with a hint of herb and oyster sauce or opt for mushroom sauce if you prefer vegetarian flavors.

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Seasoned turnip shreds steamed, cubed and rice-flour dusted, deep-fried. Sprinkled with crisp burnt garlic scallion and fresh chopped chilis.

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